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Reliable Site Services in Greater Vancouver and the Lower Mainland

At Bluestone Contracting, we offer contractors, developers, and homeowners a complete site servicing package, for comprehensive site services in Greater Vancouver and the Lower Mainland area. From new housing to industrial sites, Bluestone Contracting has the experience, team and specific equipment to provide complete site services, from the first dig to final sign-off. For more information regarding our site services, get in touch with one of our experts.

What Do We Offer

At Bluestone Contracting in Richmond, we believe that the more we are included in your project, the more reliable will be the result. So, we include proper assistance in our site servicing, providing you inspiration on unique construction methods and efficient designs. We take pride in the precision and accuracy with which we conduct each job. During each service that we offer on-site, we make sure that all safety regulations are being followed. 

While each on-site job has specific requirements that make every service unique, we do have a standard procedure that we follow unless advised otherwise by you. Initially, we dig holes with necessary precautions and lay the gravel. Once the gravel is set, we let a surveyor assess the quality of the job done. After the surveyor gives approval, we employ our framers to build the foundational structure for the structure along with the basement slab. Finally, we put in place the drainage systems and connect them to the main sewage lines in the city.

Safety Is Our First Priority

You don’t have to worry about the risk of soil collapse when you rely on our professionals for the job.

How We Do It
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