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Concrete Slab Preparation in Greater Vancouver and the Lower Mainland

At Bluestone Contracting, we can complete a wide range of construction site preparations for concrete slabs in Greater Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Irrespective of the stage of your site or project, Bluestone Contracting has the equipment and expertise to efficiently meet your slab preparation requirements. Our trained, skilled and experienced operators and drivers are dedicated to facilitating the process of slab preparation on time and within budget.

Why Is Slab Preparation Required?

Although concrete slabs look even to the eye, new slabs are generally not totally flat. That’s why If you have just installed concrete as a foundation, you will require concrete slab preparation services. After our careful preparation process, your new surface will be ready for the next step of construction.

Concrete floor preparation performs several functions:

  • It is an excellent way of eliminating any mess and waste left by plasterers and painters.

  • It removes the high and low points that usually happen in the concrete pouring process.

  • It allows for other flooring techniques such as tiling and floorboards to more efficiently adhere to the concrete.

Right from giving you a project estimate to the delivery of materials on-site and getting the job done successfully, Bluestone Contracting is here for you. For more queries regarding slab preparation, reach out to us.

Benefits of Concrete Slabs

Some advantages of using concrete slabs are mentioned below:

  • Concrete blocks can control the indoor environment by producing a heating or cooling effect.

  • Concrete slabs will last for a long time if the reinforcement is properly built and positioned.

  • Slabs are an ideal way to minimize noise and its transfer from one storey of your house to another and between adjacent rooms.

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